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Bioware Boss Confirms Open Beta For Anthem

Bioware boss Johnathan Warner has confirmed/announced that their up and coming Destiny 2 rival “Anthem” will have an open beta.

Bioware boss Johnathan Warner has confirmed that Anthem, a game set to rival Destiny 2 in scale and blow Mass Effect: Andromeda out of the water completely, will be having an open beta. The dates are not yet known, but this is something that’s truly worth jumping on the hype-train over. This was confirmed by the big boss behind the game in the following tweet;

Bioware’s latest attempt at making a game that will survive in this ever more competitive environment was announced at E3 earlier in the year, with surprisingly few other pieces of information coming to the surface since.

While the Bioware team that is making Anthem isn’t the same team behind Andromeda, we’re hoping they take lessons learned from the game and will be launching Anthem with a set of fully-functioning animations, more natural dialogue and smooth, flowing gameplay. What I hope we see from this is similar to what we saw with Destiny 2 beta: A snippet of the story, some multiplayer and a whole load of sexy graphics! It will likely follow the same route as most betas, in that it will be in large part a stress test to ensure the servers can handle the game and hundreds of thousands of concurrent players, as well as bug/exploit hunting.

What we know:

Anthem will be a game that is a shooter with RPG elements and an open world, just like Destiny 2. It will have classes of exo-suits (like Destiny 2) and a gripping story-line (just like Destiny 2). You can probably see where I am going with this: Anthem is incredibly similar to Destiny 2. Anthem is set to release in 2018 on PS4, Xbox 1 and PC with no quarter nailed-down for its release yet. Although if vg247 is to be believed, Bioware has pegged the game as a FY2019 release, meaning anywhere from March 2018 to February 2019. So we still have some time yet for not only the beta, but the full release as well.

Those of you who played Mass Effect: Andromeda will no-doubt be hoping that this statement isn’t later reneged as the ME: A Multiplayer Beta was. Indeed, many players of the series will feel the same way, given how much of a flop the latest Mass Effect game. Some players will likely give Anthem a wide berth until some hands-on reviews have been published (myself included). It will take some time before BioWare can be trusted in my mind, even if the team is a different one. I rode the hype-train for ME:A and had my hopes and dreams of a reboot of my favorite game series ever, only to have them stamped out in the end.

You can watch the reveal trailer for the game below.

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