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Better Get Your Placements Knocked Out, Clash is Coming – League of Legends

League of Legends players will need to finish their ranked placements and maintain their Honor at level 2 or higher if they want to participate in League of Legends’ new tournament system.

The new ranked season for League of Legends starts January 16th, and this year players will want to knock out their placements as soon as possible. That’s because this year is bringing Clash, Riot’s new tournament system designed for premade teams of all ranks.

Players will be able to gather their premades and sign up for tournaments directly within the League of Legends client. But not everyone can hop right in. You see, players must have already completed their placements to be eligible, and they must have to required tickets to pay the entry fee. The more tickets paid, the more rewards earned.

But how do we get tickets?

According to Riot, tickets will be available for purchase via Riot Points and Blue Essence, as well as earnable through in-game missions. So if you’ve tapped out all your BE picking up Zoe, you may want to jump in and build your stash back up.

But don’t be a jerk about it.

The Honor system will play a big role in the Clash tournaments as well. Players below Honor level 2 will not be eligible to play. Sorry, D2 Flamer, not even your Bronzie friends will play with you.

Speaking of Honor, the new season will also reset Honor levels, bringing new sublevels and rewards. Full info can be found here.

So hit the practice room, sharpen your skills, and gather your friends. Competitive tournament play has come to the masses.

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