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Is Bethesda Really Releasing An Unannounced Game This Year?

If you’ve been following the kerfuffle that is Pete Hines’ announcement of Bethesda’s unannounced game this year, it’s a bit confusing. If he is to believed, it is, in fact, real. 

So if you haven’t heard the original announcement, Pete Hines of Bethesda apparently decided an interview with a lesser known website (Tek Syndicate)would be a great place to announce, via a tease, that they were working on a new game that will be released not just soon, but THIS YEAR. Check out the video below. Keep in mind it is 11+ minutes long. If you don’t care to watch the whole thing, skip to 2:45 in the video for the “announcement”.

So, when the video first broke on the 6th, everyone and their mother blew up about it. IGN, DualShockers, Kotaku, you name it had something to say about it. Well, Pete decided to “joke” with someone on twitter that he had a “concussion” and was just rambling and that you should just ignore that “slip”.

Then a couple days later he says the concussion comment was just a joke, and he’s positive he knew what he was talking about;

So it’s safe to say the information is a bit scattered, and it seems a lot of people are confused about the whole thing. Which is fair, Pete Hines hasn’t exactly made it an easy topic to follow.

If Pete Hines is to be believed, Bethesda does actually have an unannounced game coming this year, so speculate away at what it could be to your hearts content.

The information has everyone up in arms at what it could be. From grandiose bets like The Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout 5 and so on. Pete is very tight lipped on what it could be, even after they press him for what it could be, or even what it could be related to. So anyone’s guess is as good as the next guys.

Personally, I doubt it’s going to be anything big. If they haven’t shown a single thing on it yet, and we only have 3 1/2 months left in the year, it’s got to be relatively small. Or, on the flip side, it has to be SO BIG that they can release it with almost no marketing for it to sell regardless.

What do you think? Will it be another mobile game like ES: Legends, or perhaps it will be a huge project everyone will lose their minds over like Elder Scrolls 6? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back with us for all the latest news.

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