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Will A Battle Royale Come to Destiny 2, And Can It Save The Game?

Fans and content creators in the destiny 2 community are asking for a Battle Royale mode to release for Destiny 2 in order to help the current state of the game.

There is no denying that Battle Royale games are popular. Look at some of the numbers of viewers Pubg and Fornite get on Twitch.

Some fans and content creators have suggested that Bungie have a Battle Royale mode in Destiny 2. When you consider the state of the game as it stands, fans aren’t too happy with it. From modes that need to be fixed to loot drops needing to be adjusted and much more. Even mod creators are showing Bungie how easy it could have been to make certain things better.

While Bungie hasn’t commented on the idea, it’s gaining steam. They already have a great baseline in which to deploy the game mode. But is it too late for Destiny 2? As of this writing, Destiny 2 has 1500 current viewers on Twitch, despite having nearly 1.5 million followers. Also, there have been a lot of Destiny 2 content creators that have moved to different games like Fornite, Monster Hunter and so on. Will a Battle Royale mode bring them back?

The Destiny series is no stranger to incorporating popular game modes from across the FPS genre. Destiny 1 featured elimination and king of the hill modes akin to those found in Halo games, and Destiny 2 is already poised to bring rotating game modes back with mayhem and rumble coming back to the crucible roster.  It should be simple to toss a Battle Royale mode into the mix, right?

Eh, not so simple. To add a Battle Royale mode to the game, Bungie would have to build an entirely new map sufficient for 100 players, complete with ammo distribution, hidey holes, sniper lanes, and all the other goodies that need to be considered when building a map of that scale. Not to mention, their servers are currently set up to handle no more than 16 players per instance (The max number of players in  the Tower at per instance.) To accomodatea hundred players would require a heavy overhaul of the backend. And last, but not least, there are the weapons to consider. Bungie is already struggling to maintain weapons that are balanced between a variety of PvE activities and small, team-based PvP gameplay. A Battle Royale PvP would throw all of that out the window. I would argue that it would be impossible to properly balance weapons across all three types of gameplay. But, I wouldn’t put it past Bungie to try it anyway.

Not so easy. But with Destiny 2 numbers slipping, should Bungie make the effort to jump on the bandwagon?

I’m not so sure. As Bungie has demonstrated with their roadmap, the developers already have a massive amount of To-Dos on their plate as is. I don’t think they have time to go home to their kids, let alone add a Battle Royale overhaul to the list.

Not to mention, at this point in time Bungie is trying to pull Destiny 2 back to its core values. A fun experience in both PvP and PvE with plenty to explore and collect. The diversion of resources that would be required to add a Battle Royale would be a divergence from those core values. Maintenance and new loot for other areas of the game would suffer for it. So I don’t think it will be on Bungie’s roadmap anytime soon.

But that isn’t to say it won’t happen. As Paula mentioned in a previous article, Bungie tends to be ambitious. They will go against common sense to give players what they want. And if players still want Battle Royale after Destiny 2’s facelift is finished, Bungie will find a way to incorporate it. It may be a couple years from now, or perhaps it will be a selling point down the line for Destiny 3. Either way, Battle Royale has become a popular force in the FPS genre, and the developers at Bungie are sure to have noticed.

And who knows… maybe they’ll source out the idea to a different developer to make the mode so they can focus on the core game. It’s not unheard of in the industry. Criterion made the space battles for Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer even though DICE made the base game and multiplayer. Digital Extremes made the multiplayer for Bioshock 2 while 2K Marin made the base game. And so on. So the idea is a possibility, but in the end, it’s up to Bungie and Activision.

Will they go nuts like they have in the past and join the bandwagon, or will they stick to their roots and promises and deliver on that roadmap. It remains to be seen.

What do you think? Is this something you would welcome, and if so, would it bring you back to Destiny? Or if you haven’t bought the game yet, would it get you to jump in? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.

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