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Shawn 'UAmmo' Fine has been a gamer all through school, work, and life. He believes every game is a small miracle. He loves games as social conduits. He loves games as competition. Most of all, Shawn loves games as art.

Indie Darling Dead Cells May Not Be So Great After All – Preview By Shawn

Dead Cells was released to early access in May of last year to critical and popular acclaim. It was praised for its responsive but punishing combat. Ten months later, Dead Cells is still seeing over 600,000 players a week. Finally, a Dark Souls take on the roguelike genre. However, it [...]

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Into the Breach is a Paragon of Elegant and Transparent Design in a Strategy Game

Into the Breach, from the devs of FTL, does its predecessor proud by providing a crisp, polished, and low frustration strategy rogue experience while letting you heroically crush giant monsters with time traveling robots. […]

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