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Paula Thomas is a gamer of games and a writer of articles. Favorite pastimes include: swapping jokes with Fishbones, waving to Crota, and shanking Uruks. You can find her on Twitter at @katsa09.

This Week in AC:PC: Chip Wants Dory, Gardening is Friendlier, and Mario Still Lingers

The fishing tournament has officially kicked off, the garden UI has received its promised update, and the Super Mario Crossover event is still going strong. There is plenty of reason to log in this week, especially if you don’t want to miss out on 90 Leaf Tickets. […]

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Which Card Game is the Best? Hearthstone, Gwent, Fable Fortune, or The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

Is Hearthstone King, with its history and large player base? Or perhaps the newcomer, Fable Fortune will swoop in and steal the show? This article compares the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular CCG titles to decide which game is deserving of players’ time. […]

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Torbjörn’s Daughter, Brigette, is Officially the Newest Hero in Overwatch

After teasing fans all week, Overwatch has finally announced Brigette as the newest member of Overwatch. As Torbjörn’s youngest daughter and Reinhardt’s squire, she puts her own unique spin on a fighting style derived from both her mentors. […]

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