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Arika´s April Fools Joke Becomes Real In Untitled New Fighter

You know the best April Fools pranks are those that make you REALLY want what’s shown. Which is why it’s a surprise this “joke” from Arika has become a reality, and it looks awesome!

Remember the ARIKA April Fools joke? The one about a fighting game made up of only the EX characters?

Turns out this isn’t just a joke after all. For those who follow EVO, we got the surprise of seeing the first trailer for the new fighting game. While it is a small trailer in and of itself, we were able to see some first mechanics in the game. For what we saw, it seems to take some of the mechanics from the Street Fighter EX games.

It’s great to see Skullomania make once again. It will be fun getting to play the Skullo Crusher again after so long. The trailer also revealed the famous move: The Skullo Dream. So far from what we can glean from the trailer, and the actual match revealed on April Fools, the game looks very promising.

The trailer also reveals the Limited Time Playable Beta that will take place at the ending of 2017. Keep an eye out for more info about that.

The game will also have a simultaneous worldwide release in 2018. This means Europe, North America, and Japan will all be able to play the game on their PS4 at the same time. For now, we can only wait for more details and hope for the best.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more information as it comes.

In fighting game news you see the Trunks will be in Dragon Ball Fighter Z? If not, be sure to check it out.

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