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  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp New Terrain
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Future Updates and Fishing Tournament

AC:PC Weekly Recap: New Terrain is Here, Fishing Tournaments Are On The Way, And More

This week in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players got a new level of customization for their campsites, and fishing tournaments have popped up on the horizon.

As usual, the developers at Nintendo have been busy. From events to upgrades, here’s everything that has hit Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week:

Crystal Collection Event Ends Soon

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Crystal Collection event has been going strong this week, giving players a chance to collect (Frozen themed) ice furniture, including a crystal gazebo and a snow princess wig. The event ends Saturday at 9:59 pm PST, so go help some animals and collect some shards if you want to nab these items before they’re gone. They pair quite nicely with the furniture from last month’s Winter Sports event.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Crystal Collection Event

New Terrain Customization

On Wednesday, Nintendo delivered on yet another of their promises made back in January: customizable campsite terrain. Players can now spend bells, leaf tickets or wood on new terrain for the background, foreground, and flooring of their campsite. You can also toggle through different seasons to see how your campground will look with green grass versus white snow, etc.

Combine this with the recent addition of animal dress-up, and there isn’t much players can’t customize in their campsite these days.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp New Terrain

New Promises

Speaking of promises, Nintendo announced a new batch of features players can look forward to in future Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updates:

Fishing Tournaments and Critter Records

Sometime soon, players can expect a new fishing tournament event. Similar to the gardening events, players will be tasked with catching critters and turning them in for clothes and furniture. Chip will be the pal doing the collecting this time around.

But unlike previous events, critter size will also be a factor. That’s right, bugs and fish will now have sizes, which will play into what kind of rewards players will receive from Chip. Players will also be able to find their records for largest and smallest critters in their Catalogs.

Easier Gardening For an Easier Life

Gardening is already in a pretty good place right now, but for players who are in a rush and don’t have time to watch their character walk through every watering animation, I have good news. Nintendo is working on making it easier to plant, water, and harvest multiple flowers at once. There are no details yet on how exactly this change will be implemented, but I am hopeful considering how well Nintendo streamlined the Shovelstrike Quarry recently.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Future Updates and Fishing Tournament

Rumored for Next Week: Leif Garden Event

With the Crystal Collection event ending Saturday, you can bet that a new event is right around the corner. According to a data miner on Reddit, the next event should be a gardening event featuring Leif the sloth. The event should run from February 7th – March 10th.

But bear in mind, this is only a rumor based on data mining. While SenorDeeebs’ has been fairly reliable (sometimes Nintendo switches dates), that doesn’t mean this information is set in stone. There was also a Camp Styling Event discovered a couple months ago that was scheduled for this week, but it is unclear if that event is going to happen, or if it was merely a placeholder for the terrain updates.


  • The Crystal Collections event, loosely based on Frozen, is coming to an end this week.
  • Camp managers can now customize the terrain of their campsites.
  • A Fishing Tournament is coming soon, alongside critter size records.
  • Gardening will get easier.
  • Next week’s event may be a Leif Garden event.

Stay tuned to Coin-Drop.com for next week’s AC:PC Weekly Recap.

If you have any questions, comments, or rants, feel free to plant them in the comments, or come stalk me on Twitter.

Until then, happy camping!

[Updated 2/23/2018 to reflect data mined information hinting at Leif’s Garden event.]

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